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My name is Salma, the proud owner of Lilycare. I started this company on the premise of providing products made up of chemical free and organic. Our mission here at Lilycare is to reach women who are suffering or wishing to have a more clean and beautiful skin and hair. I wanna reach the hearts of all women that struggle like me everyday and provide them the same experience and energy through Lilycare. We encourage all women from all walks of life to give our products a chance to experience the amazing difference that myself and hundreds of other women have been through with our wide collection. Lilycare supports all women from all corners of the world. Thank you and Lilycare wishes you the best. And always remember that you deserve better.

What we provide

Customer’s satisfaction is our priority. We guarantee you fast delivery and best shipping rates.

Retinol Moisturizing Cream

Age Defense Serum


Papaya Milk Lotion

Juicy Peach Milk Lotion



Mission of Lilycaree

Our mission is for our products to reach every women in every household. We provide high quality and healthy products which every women deserves. LilyCare is a path that shines with passion and success. 

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